«The Sinister Figures». Bunker Project Space. 30-04-2020  2020

OPENING 30TH OF APRIL  https://bunker.buubuustudio.com/     

FOLLOW THE RED PATH  or watch the video of the visit here:https://youtu.be/FR2LgJEckgoz

“The Sinister Figures” is an international exhibition curated by BUU BUU STUDIO especially for the times while people lack access to cultural places.

As a remedy BUU BUU STUDIO set up “Bunker”, a virtual exhibition space that everybody can visit via a web browser. As an artist-run, non-commercial platform “Bunker” is meant to provide artists and curators with a virtual space for experimentation and development.

BUU BUU STUDIO wants to encourage them to move on during the difficult times of the pandemic and proceed with new ideas and practices. Further artist-curated projects are welcomed as well as exhibitions that would not take place due to the current restrictions.

“Bunker” opens with “The Sinister Figures”.

I owned and inhabited a very big house in town, and I didn´t yet know all the different parts. So I took a walk through it and discovered, mainly in the cellar, several rooms about which I knew nothing and even exits were not locked and some had no locks at all. Moreover, there were some sinister figures that could have sneaked in…who were they? Did I know them? I was afraid, I walked along towards the exit, but I couldn´t remember my way back.

One hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published his paper on ‘The Uncanny’ (Das Unheimliche) which his predecessor Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling had defined as “everything that should have stayed within the secret, the hidden, the latency but nonetheless has come to light” (as “un-heimlich” in German literally translates as “un-secret”).

In the time of Hoffmans romantic but sinister tales Freud writes about blurred lines between living beings and inanimate figures, about suppressed thoughts flooding our mind and the unsureness about the power of thoughts becoming real. The uncanny lurks in everyday life when we sense things and images as representations of our death, our disintegration, as disproof of our own uniqueness or as a hint that we are trapped in endless repetitions. It arises when childhood beliefs long left behind suddenly face us in the real world. These descriptions have inspired artist ever since to explore the unknown boundaries of being human, spirited and alive.

These days we are witnessing a most rapid global shift as a reaction to something that operates beyond our senses. We are condemned to experience the spreading virus-like an abstract thought, a psychological phenomenon – but with real consequences. Everybody is affected individually (and literally) as a living body. And during lockdown when life starts running in circles we have to bear our own surrounding walls staring at us.