SCREENING in altes Finanzamt, Berlín. March-April 2013  2013


Opening starts at 19:00 and the address is:
Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin
U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

You should get in through the yard if you can find it ring the bell: 0005

Project Gemini and Altes Finanzamt are proud to anounce a collaboration with the basque artist Nadia Barkate.

After spending years drawing non-stop, experimenting with several formats and keeping her base in Bilbao, her curiosity and interests made her end up in Beijing, researching about local bands that took western model of punk movement as a reference to feed their own needs and worries against their social and political situation.

This was just the beginning of an ongoing project that give testimony of one of many examples of what we could call «subculture», in this case from another non-western point of view, quite far away in time and space from the original context.
When Nadia arrived to Beijing, she realized that the club D22, that was promoting and giving visibility to many local punk bands during four successful years, didn’t exist anymore, since the owners had closed it and opened another space called XP, devoted mostly to noise music. This unexpected situation brought her to focuse more in the bands life and she started visiting them in their rehearsals and concerts and recording them. This aim of portraiting a scene turned to a portrate of a more intimate sphere, where the bands where composing and sharing their visions and thinkins about one of these many «subcultures» called noise.

But, is that really a right term, since these reactionary movements have been always bolted by the big market or cultural industry and stay available for use and consumption? It is nowadays so easy to absorb the patterns that surround a movement, even an ideology and make them ours the same way you chose the eggs, oignons and potatoes in the supermarket cook an omelette at home…

Paralely to the exhibition there will be a programm of several works made by other artists, which Barkate selected based on the influence of these artists in her work. Among others we will have the works of: Inazio Escudero (Bilbao), Jeleton (Bilbao/Murcia), Iñaki Garmendia (Ordizia), Dan Graham, Keneth Anger and more…

Text: Gabriela Acha, Berlin 2013.

Opening starts at 19:00 and the address is:


Wednesday 20 March 18:00 / Vernissage
«Bodies That Go Boom In The Noise» Nadia Barkate

Sunday 24 19:00 March /
«Autobombo» Inazio Escudero (Bilbao)
«Bodies That Go Boom In The Noise» Nadia Barkate (Bilbao)
«Maquanying. Songs By heart» Nadia Barkate (Bilbao)

Wednesday 27 19:00 March /
«Red Light – Straight Edge» Iñaki Garmendia»(Ordizia)
«Lizarra» Iñaki Garmendia (Ordizia)
«K.A.A» Iñaki Garmendia (Ordizia)

Sunday 31 19:00 March /
«Scorpios Rising» Keneth Anger
«Kustom Kar Komandos» Keneth Anger

Wednesday 3 19:00 April /
«Repetitions»Paris Jeleton (Bilbao-Murcia)
«Rock My Religion» Dan Graham

Friday 5 19:00 April / Finissage
«Sing Sad Songs» Kiko Perez, Marion Cruza, Daniel Llaría, Nadia Barkate (Bilbao)
«Bodies That Go Boom In The Noise» Nadia Barkate (Bilbao)
«Maquanying. Songs By heart» Nadia Barkate (Bilbao)