Special edition for KubaParis, Berlin: «Tuya gigante, tuya occidental» 19-12-2020  2020

«Tuya gigante, tuya occidental» is a long series of watercolors that arise from some of the moments of lack of concentration during the worktime, in which the artist Nadia Barkate, observes with stupor her hands.

After the dramatic feeling of frustration, for a brief moment, she becomes optimistic and thinks that her hands have, perhaps, the answer. And that is how she entertains herself by drawing, as always, following the lure of any excuse.

At the kind invitation of KubaParis (Berlin) to make a «more affordable» edition, she responds with a limited series of original watercolors, but in a smaller format. Right here, you can have them, the small, but thuggish drawings.

By KubaParis / Pictures by Peter Oliver Wolff