«The Sea Monster, The Bear» Lítost, Prague. 25-01-2020 / 07-03-2020  2019

Jüri Arrak, Nadia Barkate, Vytenis Burokas and Beth Collar

«O mořské příšeře a o medvědovi»// «The Sea Monster, The Bear»

The Sea Monster, The Bear is a string of visual mythopoetic that use narrative and image to construct new narrations. Painting, drawing, and sculpture act as a set of visual cues that reveal and imply, a palimpsest of evolving stories that always loop back to basic themes of humanity. Imagining the world of folktales and rich varieties of fables, the exhibition combines poetics with politics of intimacy, individuality, and shared community understanding. Myths are a global phenomenon that responds to deep human existential needs, making it a vehicle to understand hidden psycho-geographic truths.

The artists in the exhibition refer to specific historical moments in local history, or to a personal disposition inherited from surrealist practices rooted in the history of art. Myths often perform a function of psychoanalysis as people use them to interpret their own lives and get to know sacred realities. The cornerstone of Western myth lies in the Greco-Roman tradition, but even this comes from traditions that span back further millennia through the tribes of Thrace and the Danube, and earlier nomadic communities. Local myths persevere against Hellenic culture with parallel archetypal characters.

Using the thesis of Robert Graves in his Introduction to Greek Mythology, the exhibition argues that the narrative tradition is an evolving line of thought that reveals sacred truths about politics and human nature like evolutionary links in a chain. Certain schema repeats itself in what proves to be a human necessity for poetics.

Angels Miralda

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